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Building a strong membership of breeders, owners and stallions.



This membership will allow your stallion's progeny to be eligible to nominate in the futurity and derby at the Diamond Dash event, and provide you to be eligible for the stallion payout percentage of 20%. Your stallion will be housed on the Stallion portal and actively promoted throughout the year.



An advertising package for the younger stallions who are just starting to produce progeny and don't want to be eligible for the stallion payout. This package allows you to advertise your stallion on the stallion portal.



This membership will allow you to be eligible for the breeder payout at the Diamond Dash of 10%.



Any horse competing for the Diamond Dash incentives must be a member of the Diamond Dash stallion program. All futurity horses must be members and any open horses that wish to be eligible for the stallion incentive. Only horses sired by Diamond Dash stallions can become members.

Membership: Our Goals

Horses will need to be registered with an association and provide a copy of papers when becoming a member or present a signed breeding certificate. 

As the event increases, membership fees will increase to ensure we can maximise the payouts for the riders, breeders and stallion owners. 

If you own a stallion, are a breeder, and have more than two horses you wish to become a part of the program a discount will be able to be provided to you. 

If the breeder of a Diamond Dash horse is not a member, the 10% payout will be divided between the stallion and the rider. 

Stallion memberships will be due by 31 June 2021, and all stallions will be uploaded to the stallion portal so that competitors will know if their horses are eligible. Breeder and horse memberships will be due by 31 December 2021. 

Membership: Text
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