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Image by Jez Timms


We aim to create a new platform for Stallions in Australia, and in the future,
ultimately boosting the performance horse industry as a result.

By nominating your stallion for the Diamond Dash, you're creating an
encouraging pathway for mare owners to breed to your stallion, ensuring
they will be eligible to compete in the Diamond Dash for years to come.

Once stallion owners have paid the nomination fee, this will not only get
the stallion into the Diamond Dash Stallions Program, but also constant
digital promotion through social media.

As the Diamond Dash grows,our Stallion portal will grow and will promote bookings for your stallions. 

We will aim to publish a Diamond Dash magazine, which will include our Diamond Dash stallions.

If for any reason, your horse/s sire in the Diamond Dash stallion drops out of the program, your horse will still be eligible if you keep paying your horse's annual membership. If you miss an annual payment, your horse will not be eligible until the stallion re-enters the Diamond Dash program. 

As the event grows, so will the fees (to a maximum cap) to ensure big
payouts for the owners, stallions and breeders.

Deceased stallions are eligible in initial years of the event. Gelded stallions are also eligible to become members. 

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